Translation requests

Translation requests

Postby admin » January 10th, 2010, 9:37 am

Translation Requests

If you registered for the forum only because you want to request a translation, please bear the following things in mind:

The Forum welcomes everybody who has a sincere interest in the Lakota language and members always do their best to help each other. However, this is a language learning Forum, designed to assist serious students with their study of the Lakota language.
We would like to emphasize that reliable translation of English sentences into grammatically correct and idiomatic Lakota is an advanced skill requiring a high proficiency level. Most of our fluent members, however, can’t be involved with such services to the public as it is not the purpose of the Forum. We don’t want to forbid the other forum members, who are learners of the language, to help those who request a translation, but the Lakota Language Forum will not validate or endorse these translations. It is highly likely that translations created by learners with low proficiency will contain grammatical and other errors, and presenting them outside the Forum would be detrimental to the Lakota language. So although we don’t forbid anyone to help with translation requests we don’t encourage it.
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