Membership LEVELS and GROUPS

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Membership LEVELS and GROUPS

Postby admin » August 29th, 2009, 3:52 pm

Lakota Language Forum Membership LEVELS

1. registered members (ópȟapi)
2. full members (ópȟawičhayapi)
3. active members (škíŋč’iyapi)
4. experts (wóphikapi)

In the future we also hope to have proficiency levels based on tests.


1. Registered members (ópȟapi)
People who have registered but haven’t taken the entry test.

2. Full members (ópȟawičhayapi)
People who have passed the entry test. Full members have unrestricted access to the New Lakota Dictionary Online - NLD-O.
Forum users who have Lakota as their first language become full members automatically.

3. Active members (škíŋč’iyapi)
The membership in this user group is determined by the forum moderators. Their decision is based primarily on the member’s participation in topics requiring use of the Lakota language, rather than on the number and frequency of posts. On achieving membership, it is important that the user balances his participation among the various sections of the forum, such as reading, writing, listening etc.
Membership is associated with access to other forum sections and features.

4. Experts (wayúphikapi)
Members of this group are people who are both fluent in the language and knowledgeable about it, although some of the experts are stronger in fluency and others in grammatical knowledge. Posts by the experts are usually the most reliable ones on the forum, it is, however, important to keep in mind that no single speaker or a student of a language knows everything about it, so even our experts may not know the answer to every question or may not always formulate a grammar rule comprehensively and flawlessly.
Membership is associated with access to other forum sections and features.


Lakota Language teachers (Waúŋspewičhakhiyapi)
Membership in this group is given to those people who teach the Lakota language in one of the reservation schools or other schools for Lakota children. Membership is associated with access to other forum sections and features.

Honored members (yuónihaŋpi)
Members of this group have earned our honor by their past commitment to the forum or the language in general.
Membership is associated with access to other forum sections and features.

Helpers (wawókhiye)
People who share their knowledge by giving feed-back to other members, suggesting corrections and improvements to their posts. Membership of this honorary group is granted by the moderators.

National groups
National groups are established only for the sake of communication among their members, i.e. in case people from one country want to get in touch and practice the language together.

Administrators (Nahómnikhiyapi)
Members of this group provide technical support to the forum functionality.

Global moderators (Sitómniyaŋ Éyapaha)
Members of this group do various types of tasks associated with running the forum.

Local moderators
Local moderators moderate individual sections or topics of the forum. Anyone can apply for a position of a local moderator. We are especially interested in having more moderators for the Reading section.

Reading section moderators
Moderators in the Reading section post a text that others can read, analyze and translate. The responsibility of the text’s moderator is to monitor the posts, suggest corrections and moderate discussion leading towards the completed transcription and translation of each sentence. Members' comments and suggestions are welcomed and encouraged. After a consensus is reached on the transcription and translation of a sentence the moderator copies and pastes it into the first post.
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