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Keyboards in Quizzes

PostPosted: February 15th, 2009, 9:49 am
by Jan
We have started creating various quizzes that can help you practice vocabulary and grammar and give you feedback on your knowledge.

There is, however, one issue that needs to be addressed in respect to the keyboard usage:
One type of quiz requires typing in the answers with correct spelling. We have noticed that the various keyboards behave differently in the "type-in" quiz.

1) Virtual Keyboard (VK, integrated in the forum) - works fine in FireFox.
2) LLC Keyboard - has some problems, a space has to be pressed at the end of the word or sentence !!!!!!!!
3) LLC Keyboard for Macs - seems to work well

Keyboards created with MS keyboard developer and other keyboards work, but ONLY if all the characters you use are mapped properly. If you use different characters on your keyboard you will not be able to type correct answers in the quizzes.
Please, let us know about your experience with your keyboard in the "type-in" quizzes.

For now, we strongly recommend that you use the VK in quizzes.

If you use LLC keyboard type a space at the end of each answer!!!!!
(Some forum members who use Internet Explorer reported that even when using VK a space has to be pressed at the end of the word or sentence in order to receive feedback).

We do recommend FireFox as the preferable browser for the forum.