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19. Glottal stop

PostPosted: February 11th, 2009, 2:42 am
by Jan
Glottal stop

Glottal stop is a sharp closer of the glottis. It takes place for instance in the English interjection un-oh or in the American English pronunciation of kitten.

Glottal stop is part of the glottalized stops č’, k’, p’, t’ introduced earlier, but it also occurs after s, š and ȟ.

Listen to the following recording and select what you hear:

1. __é

2. __ú

3. __á

4. __ó

5. __áŋ

6. __a

7. __é

8. __ó

9. __íŋ

10. __á

11. __ečá

12. ši__é

13. yu__í

14. yu__ó

15. mni__á

16. __óza

17. čí__ala

18. __ákeča

19. ka__ú

20. ka__óža

Glottal stop is also pronounced between vowels, whenever two vowels occur next to each other. It is, however, pronounced only in slow formal pronunciation. Read more about this in NLD.1 page 695 (2.1.4).