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We recommend that you use the desktop version (the NLD-P for Windows / Mac)
as it is more up-to-date than the NLD-O:
  • audio by native speakers
  • example sentences
  • more up to date
  • better searching options

Type Lakota word in the above field and press "Search" button or Enter key...
Lakota English
Type a Lakota word in the search field to look up its meaning in English.

English Lakota
Type an English word in the search field to look up its equivalent in Lakota.

Press search or ENTER (on your keyboard) to look up the word you typed in the search field.

Approximate spelling
This option allows you to type words without diacritics. The search results are usually broader because more than one word can be represented by non-phonemic spelling. For instance looking up toka will yield tȟóka, tȟoká and tókȟa.
This option is useful for those who are not familiar with the phonemic spelling and those looking up words from older texts.

Exact search
Using this option you will have to use the consistent phonemic spelling as used in the New Lakota Dictionary. The advantage is that search results are exact, rather than approximate.

Enable Lakota keyboard
After checking this option you will be able to type Lakota specific letters in the search field. The layout is as follows:

č = c || ȟ = j || š = r || ž = v || ǧ = q || á = 4 || é = 5 || í = 6 || ó = 7 || ú = 8 || ŋ = f || ’ = x

Alternatively you can insert the special characters by clicking on the black letter buttons above the search field.

You can click on any English or Lakota word in the search results and you will be re-directed to that word’s entry.

You can search for conjugated words. For instance when looking up mawáni the dictionary will show you that it is the 1st singular of máni and the entry of máni will be displayed.